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Real Estate Flyer

A real estate flyer is one of the most important tools that you will have to use when you are getting ready to sell a house. Real estate flyer is one of the most efficient and commonly used advertising tools to promote any property. Real estate flyer generally contains detailed information about the property, contact details and some motivational and appealing slogans to attract people toward a property or properties. They can be used to convey the necessary information to a broad range of potential buyers.

The use of flyers has several advantages. First, it is unlimited. You can have a constant page and just insert photos of newly listed houses. In this way, you can keep your potential market updated with the latest information of listed and sold properties. Second, a real estate agent can create a signature image or unique flyer that helps people to easily recognize you and your company. Third, it is cost effective. Compared to other methods of marketing, the use of flyers is not at all expensive.

The use of real estate flyers in promoting properties and updating a potential market with listed and sold homes is efficient and is therefore, a fast method of marketing homes. It’s the kind of marketing strategy that not only attracts potential customers, but also establishes personal contact with potential clients.

Ending the flyer with an "action item" for buyers is an excellent idea. Tell buyers what you want them to do as a result of reading the information on your flyer. For example, ask them to "schedule a showing" or "contact you for more information" or even "make an offer on this wonderful property today." Stating the desired action in the flyer may be just the extra push some buyers need to pick up phone.

Make it short and sweet. The real estate marketing flyer should be a snapshot of your full listing. You shouldn't go into too many specific details or overcrowd the flyer with pictures; however, some pictures should be included. Furthermore, your flyer should not take up more than one page (8 1/12 x 11 sheet or 11x17 Folded twice to make it 8-1/2”x 5-1/2” to make it compatible to suite Canada Post Standard Mailing Requirement. This will make the flyer easier to distribute and more desirable for potential buyers to read.


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